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  • all-in-wonder ???

    i was wondering if anyone has any news on if and when ati will release a new series of all-in-wonder cards based on there new chipsets.. also which current version is the best value. I've been eyeing the aiw 9600xt but is it really worth the extra money over the aiw 9600..

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    The xt would be a better card. ATI has a trade-up program going - send in an old vid card of any kind and buy the 9800xt aiw for $199us

    edit: my mistake, I meant to write 9600xt!


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      you mean 9600 xt, right? 9800 xt is $450 USD. but the aiw 9800 pro is the same price as the 9600 xt with the trade up deal, and the 9800 pro is a better card. i think that would be the route to take


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        just my :2cents: but AIW cards are over-rated. It makes far more sense to me to buy the AIW features as seperate cards. Not only does it make things easier to troubleshoot, but the next time you want to upgrade your GPU you don't have to pay the outrageous price tag on the AIW cards.


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          thats a really good point. thats how i would do it.


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            I disagree with you there. The AIW cards I have installed have performed as advertised and all the features, apps seem to work pretty well together. I've seen mixing and matching hardware and apps cause all kinds of headaches before. And often if you call tech support, they claim it's the other guy's stuff that is at fault, call them, and blow you off. Many TV cards and such will never have drivers for newer oses (have one on the shelf with Win95 drivers, no newer drivers ever released). Proprietary video apps that won't work under XP. Sp2 alone may break some apps. I'm sure if ATI is affected they will fix it. Not so sure about the other guys though.