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  • So like... Which card?

    Okay, I'm going to make this simple, I know a lot, and by a lot I mean a **** load about computers and hardware so don't talk to me like I'm an idiot. I'm just kinda tired of looking over everything trying to get a video card. All I want in a card that I can pop in and have great performance for the price without overclocking or anything like that. I've had my eye on the 5900XT for a while now but the other day someone brought up that I could get a 9800pro for like 200 at, which hadn't occured to me. Considering I'm waiting till the new nvidia's and ati's come out to buy the card anyway, so the prices should be a little lower as well. Keep in mind I want to get a new cpu too, right now amd 1800+ going to like a athlon XP 2500+ so I want some cash for that, not blowing a real lot on a card. As far as the cpu is concerned I was thinking about a barton but I don't think my mobo supports it, so if it's worth it to go with one of those, let me know. I think that's it. Basically between a 5900XT and a 9800pro. I know most will probably say "9800pro you ass!" but remember what I said earlier. Thanks a lot for any input.

    Oh, and driver wise who is more stable?

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    i would recommend getting the 9800 pro. with that yuor guarenteed to get the high end performance rather tahn overclocking the 5900XT which may not reach the same speed as a 5900 Ultra (although it should).
    as for the processor support, what motherboard do you have? most recent boards should support the barton.
    both cards have very good driver support. the ATi has the best image quality so if quality is important then the 9800 would be better even though the 5900 might be able to get higher frame rates.


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      I have an albatron KX400-8X. It's a really nice board, just missing a few features I might want to have a little down the road, such as SATA support. But I think it might support barton actually, I was just looking into it. I'm going to double check, if it does, that'll save me some money for now. As I could always Swap out my barton cpu into the newer board whenever I get it. I think I will go with the 9800pro though, I forgot that it might be flashed to get it as an XT, which would be cool. Thanks.


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        It does support Bartons (most 333 boards do). I checked.

        If you want to flash a 9800 Pro to a 9800 XT, you need to get a 256MB one. It would likely be quite good if you did, but you get the 128MB version for much less (about $200).

        I believe this may be the card you're looking for:

        I'd have to agree with your choice. While that motherboard does need replacing as there are many features it's missing (dual channel RAM, GbE, SATA), getting a Radeon 9800 Pro and a new processor would help more in the short run and not hurt in the long run. The other stuff is cool, but you can live without it for a while.


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          Yeah, I know what I'm doing now, getting the cpu now and video card is the way it's looking. I have a 300w psu I think, which should be enough right? As far as my mobo supporting barton does it need a bios flash or what? Because if it does I don't know if I want to mess with that. If I have the cash it would be easier to get just it all in one shot. Same goes with the card, if I have the extra money for the 256mb I'd get that. What's GbE though? Thanks for your help


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            If it's a good brand name like Antec or something, you should be okay. If not, 300W may be pushing it too far.

            GbE is Gigabit Ethernet. In other words, 1000 Mbps transfer rate instead of the usual 100 Mbps. It only makes a slight difference with Internet, but makes a huge difference in LAN file transfers.


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              I might wait on the psu till I get the mobo then, it is an antec I know.


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                with the faster AMD chips and new video cards I wouldn't buy anything less then a 350 watt cpu..

                even if you don't OC.

                If you do OC... I wouldn't buy less then a 400 watt power supply.

                Antec is your best choice.

                If you'd like a good performing power supply, that is quiet and effective.. buy antec truepower 430 watt.

                Not too expensive too. That will never die on you.


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                  Doesnt anyone know how to google?(or whatever engine you use)

                  all you need for your mobo

                  Antec truepower430 or Thermaltake purepower420, would be my two choices in the matter.(the 300w will probably fry something(s) when it pops)
                  athlon [email protected](12x204)
                  tt aquariusII liquid cooled/ arctic silver ceramique
                  asus a7n8xe-dlx
                  thermaltake xaserIII lanfire
                  bfg 6800gt
                  seagate sataII 250gb/seagate 7200rpm 160gb ide
                  samsung dvdrw
                  2x1024 kingston hyper-x pc3200/ windows xp pro sp3
                  logitech mx518/ logitech wingman rumble
                  2x samsung 955df 19"/ canon i960
                  creative x-fi fatal1ty 64mb/ altec lansing 251-5.1
                  mushkin 550w

                  opteron 146 @ 2850 (10x285)
                  DFI infinity nf4 ultra
                  thermaltake tsunami dream -black
                  seagate sataII 500gb
                  evga 8600gt oc ssc edition
                  samsung sata dvd-rw
                  2x1024 ocz black
                  logitech ifeel/ nec accusync 75f
                  ocz fatal1ty 550w


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                    Of course I know how to use google. But it's alot easier to go here because these guys are very knowledgable. I have been to albatron's site a thousand times but wasn't really clear on whether or not the board supported barton. There was a bios flash that says it then support up to 3000+ blah blah. It's just easier to come and ask from guys who know and have experience.