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Siluro card read memory slower than Stealth!

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  • Siluro card read memory slower than Stealth!

    I was just curious about this. I replaced my Diamond Stealth III 540 Xtreme 32mb card with an Abit Siluro (nVidia) T400 with TV out and 64MB RAM, and when you boot up the reading of the RAM memory on the Motherboard takes about 4 times longer than it did with the Diamond Stealth AGP card. Anyone else find this to be true?

    Also the other night I turned off my computer and when I restarted, I got the BSOD with a Page fault in a nonpaged area. Was so bad that even couldn't re-install XP on itself. I was able to boot into my ME portion (dual boot) where everything was normal or appeared that way, just could NOT boot into XP until I replaced the Siluro card with the Diamond Stealth card. MS tech told me it was either a video card issue or RAM problem. I was using the drivers that MS provided me for the Abit card from MS website in an updated driver situation. Now... I've heard that the older nVidia drivers actually worked better with more stability than some of the new ones.
    Just thought I'd pass that one along for other to share.


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    I have no comment on your topic but I recognize your quote from the great man from Britian. It is one of my favorite.