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agp 1x? 4x?

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  • agp 1x? 4x?

    I have a msi geforce 3 ti200, and in the bios (ecs motherboard, 1.4 athlon) it says 4x agp. However, in the msi information in the display options, it is saying 1x and you can't put the check on 2x or 4x...

    Any ideas?

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    What model and chipset is the ECS m/b? :?:


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      In the BIOS u can change the agp to 1x/2x/4x (play around with it) check there u might have it on 1x or maybe it says 1x in widows but really runs at 4x or 2x. only way to see if this is a bug of some sort like the via chipsets have is to change the BIOS setting to 1x and see if u have a preformace decrease if so then u know that windows is messing up that and if u dont well it all depends on the chipset if u have a via chipset then its most probobly running at 4x but says 1x


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        I have a ECS mobo, the ECS K7VZA. Make sure you have the newest VIA 4 in 1 drivers installed if the mobo has a VIA chipset. I could only run my card at AGP 1x until i installed the VIA drivers.