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Radeon 7000 VS. Geforce 2 mx

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  • Radeon 7000 VS. Geforce 2 mx

    Does anyone know how the Radeon 7000 32mb ddr compares to the GF2mx line of cards?

    I bought a Radeon 7000 card at best buy today (open Item) for 60.00 bucks. A computer Fair is in town tomorrow and I was curious to see if I would be better off getting a geforce 2 mx card instead....

    I am basicly looking for the best bang for the buck but keeping the price around what I have invested in the radeon card.

    With the newest leaked drivers for the ATI card I get 1564 points in 3dmark2001. Which is alot better drivers then the ones that were on the retail cd. My score before the driver update was only 954.

    Should I just keep the Radeon or Look for a GF2 MX (200-400)?

    Edit: upto 1740 points with all stock settings

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    Hmm doesnt sound quite right. I have Radeon 7200 which has slower SDR memory and it scores with drivers default settings around 2500 on 3Dmark 2001 SE - which btw is about 300 points more I ever got with overclocked Geforge 2 MX card.

    Oh and I only have 800Mhz thunderbird.

    Try updating your drivers is my advice. The latest beta from Ati site has been working great for me.



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      I have.... The system specs for the pc are:

      Duron 900 O/C'ed to 1047mhz
      256 OCZ tech 2400 DDR
      MSI Kt266a board
      Maxtor ata 100 5400 rpm

      The resolutuon of the testing with 3dmark 2001 (original)
      32 bit color

      What resolution were you testing at?


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        hbidad d/l the 3DMark 2001 SE version of the prog and run it at default like he did and compare then. ;)


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          Will do wiggo!

          BTW... I did end up picking up and Abit Siluro T400 (GF2mx 400)
          with 64mb of DDR for 70.00 bucks.

          With 3dmark2001 (original) I get 2323 3dmarks with the retail drivers and stock settings. The pc specs are mentioned above.
          I was impressed!


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            Here is my last benchmark from few days ago.

            All defaults. Nothing twinked.

            Hopefully this link will work:




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              ahhh...I see you have 64mb of ram onboard... I only have 32mb...Although mine is DDR I thought it might have cam closer


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                Finally got time to update the det drivers and the 4-inone drivers for my board.

                Final results are a little over 2500 points and I even toned my CPU down to stock settings



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                  Good. Thats more of a score you should be getting with DDR memory. I didnt belive there would be such an difference with 32 and 64mb cards though. I have tried 32mb and 64mb MX cards and they performed really similar - at least with 3DMark.

                  And have to remember that benchmark score is nothing if your not happy with the card doing the things you do with your comp..



                  Edit: Doh! just noticed that you were talking about Geforce2 MX score there.. ignore what I just said hehe ...


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                    Yes don't login at a post reply page. Go to the main page and do it. :smokin:


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                      uhh, the gf2 mx400 has ddr??? you sure? lolz


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                        Yes there are some out there fitted with DDR memory though the memory pathway is still the same width as the SDRAM versions. :devil:


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                          oh lol, my ddr runs at 196x2 =P which is like 400mhz..weeeeee