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agp slots - what's the diff?

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  • agp slots - what's the diff?

    Folks, my roommate has a computer we are trying to put win2000 on. The mobo is an FIC VA-503A, and my question is in regards to compatibility with the Radeon 8500. Does anyone know if this mobo supports this card? I can get it to boot all the way using VGA mode, but when I try to do a regular boot, all I end up with is a blank screen and a hung computer.

    I am guessing perhaps the board cannot support the power requirements of the new AGP cards.


    - ChaudP

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    What is the difference between the following agp slots:


    And before you respond saying it is the speed, my question is more to the point of a FIC VA-503A with a 1x/2x slot running a Radeon 8500 that says 2x/4x. If the mobo can support 2x, and the card can run at 2x, why can't I get win2000 to run? Is this a power issue that the card is not getting enough power when it tries to run at higher resolutions? When I boot in VGA mode I can get in, but in SVGA mode all I get is a blank screen and a hung computer.

    Will a more powerful PSU help me?


    - ChaudP


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      Sorry but yes you're right there as the power requirements of vid cards these days exceed what were around when the board was designed by a great deal.
      Most will go as far as a GF2MX/early Radeon but alot won't. :smokin:


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        agp 4x ports supply more power to and from the vid card your putting in it. (plus its faster :p)

        in fact, some cards needed so much power they have to have 'agp pro' slots (a few extra pins to supply more power to the card)

        Id say that the raedon 8500 (nice card btw) isnt getting enough power when you put it in your mobo with only an agp2x slot.


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          I merged these two threads as obviously they're really the same and this would be the better forum for it. :smokin: