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Asus 32mb 7700 Gts Pro

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  • Asus 32mb 7700 Gts Pro

    Can somone Help me out to get out more out of that card. ALso i have problems to use the Video In Option. They support with some dumb software VCR Something which brings my system to Freezing point and finally to Blue Screen Error.
    I would like to find out if i can Tweak the card to get little bit more in the games, without buying something else. thx in advance
    I am using Windows XP

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    Have you obtained the latest drivers fron Asus? :?:


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      Yes I have, i did it latelly and now the Capture works good so far, i still have to get cables for audio didnt test that yet. But i am still interested to get out of the card little more quality for 3d gaming anyone can help me out with that


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        Have you tried overclocking the GPU and memory?


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          No i never tried that. I want to try that. Is there a easy way to do it, and kinda safe way...


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            You can get a couple of programs here that will let ya do that and just take it a bit at a time until visual artifacts start showing up then knock it back down a bit. ;)