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3d BLASTER GeForce 2 Ti .... Isnt working proply on fs2002 o

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  • 3d BLASTER GeForce 2 Ti .... Isnt working proply on fs2002 o

    I have a Creative 3d Blaster GeForce 2 Titanium... i upgraded from windows me cause it sucked completly! to windows 2000 is what i want of an OS... but now... when i have installed Flight Simulator 2002 when i load it ... it says it will run in safe mode and i cant get good looking graphics from my card... cause the game is alwatys running in safemode?! ... i install Quake 3 Arena.. :D worked LOVELY :D even @ 1280 x 1024 ... but i cant get FS2002 to work properly


    320mb Kingston RAM
    900mhz AMD Athlon (NOT O/C)
    Creative 3DB GeForce 2 Ti

    Nothing to do with my specs i just plopped em down incase... but anyone know any reasons for this? i cant get a plane to look good cause FS2002 is ALWAYS IN DAMN SAFE MODE

    Thanks ppl


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    Don't know if this is a factor here (since I've never played MS Flight Sim), but did you have another video card (possibly a non-nVidia one) before you added the GF2Ti card? Some programs set up a configuration file for the game to run. This will give the game the information it needs to set up correctly with your hardware setup. If you change a major piece of hardware, it may be confusing the configuration file. And since the game is made by Microsoft, this could be a part of the problem.

    Just thinking out loud here, but if this were the problem, then you would either need to delete the configuration file or reinstall the game.

    Good luck.
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      Nope... I tried flight simulator 2000 and it worked GR8!!!!! Didnt get any problems!!! played the e-Racer OEM version put it to 1024 red x 32BPP and crashed pc.. but worked after i tried again ... but the game runs in safe mode (FS2002)

      Ohwell... :( Hopfully gonna get rid of my GF2 Ti gonna take it back if i can and get a refund cause it isnt what i expectid it to be... GF3 Ti200 is what i wanna get so i will be hoping like hell that they take it back (will make loads of HASSLE! like no your not gonna send it for reparis because i DONT wanna wait plus if i tried another card then it will give me the same gay probs... etc etc etc more fun hehe)

      I did have a nVIDIA Vanta in their as the card which i bought with the system... but... i upgrade to get tons of hassle with this damn GF2TI! So if i can win my case with the shop assistant.. for exchange GF3 Ti