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GeForce 2 GTS problems with Windows XP

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  • GeForce 2 GTS problems with Windows XP


    My 32MB GeForce 2 GTS always has problems when I try to play 3d games when i'm on Windows XP. it always freezes and then it restarts and says some error about the display adapter. I've tried all of nVidia's drivers, and nothing seems to work. could anybody please tell me how to fix this problem? It's quite annoying when trying to play Quake3 and it freezes like 2 minutes into the game.

    help would be appreciated!


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    It sounds like the infamous nVidia Loop problem that was occuring not too long ago, but recent drivers seem to have taken care of that problem. Here's an article on the symptoms and some info about it:

    Also, if you have a VIA chipset based motherboard, then you'll want to make sure that you still update the motherboard drivers with the latest 4-in-1 set. Those can be found here:

    With any luck, this should take care of your problems.

    btw... a good place to find all the newest drivers for the nVidia boards is here:

    Current drivers are up to series 27.xx


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      Hey thanks a lot man. I'll check out these websites! and yes I do have a VIA motherboard so I hope this works, w00t!



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        ......AND as always when your having issues.....restore everything to stock clock speeds for troubleshooting purposes. I've got 2 GTS 2's running on XP Home and ME.....never have a problem with them.

        Are you running the 4-in-1 drivers or Windows default? I would first try ONLY the 410 AGP GART driver...not the whole 4-in-1 package. It's available here: