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  • GF3 Ti200's

    Just wondering how succesful you have been at overclocking yours if you have one. I just got one (end of last week) so hopefully i can get it to GF3 Std speed

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    everthing I've heard sounds promising - I've got to get one and find out


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      So far most get to the same speed as a GF3. ;)


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        I included the overclocked speeds that I got in that Prolink review, but you'll have to wait until it's back on the server (I'm at work at the moment). If I recall, though, it was just a bit shy of the standard GF3 speeds... but at much less money it was still rocking right along. :)


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          reviews are back up ;)


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            I just hope nVidia hurries up and releases the GF4 and make the GF2Ti "entry level" so we poor folk can afford a decent vid card!!


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              Ok, let's revive this thread - as I'm in the market for once of these (and I'm courteous enough not to unecessarily start a new thread) What are the better brands? I'm looking for value, as well as overclockability (most importantly of Ram).

              I don't require DVI support, TV out or even hw temp monitoring. Don't need a fancy box, white one will do, don't need stripped down versions of games or other commerical graphics software I will never use.

              What I do want is decent RAM 4.0nS or 3.8nS (if it exists on a ti200) and ramsink. I ain't shelling out the big bucks to get a top of the line vid card that don't come with ramsinks!!

              I've done some brief research, here are my findings (correct me if any of the points are wrong):

              Almost all brands at stock speed perform within margin of error. So there's no speed diff between a "brand name" vs generic.

              Leadtek T version in Aust may/may not come with ramsinks, luck of the draw (cost cutting gone too far IMHO).

              eVGA promises 3.3nS memory, but the limitations of the PCB means it won't even get close to its potential of 600Mhz.

              Abit Siluro's consistently overclock well. Both mem and core. They have a nice red coloured PCB to boot! ;)

              MSI-8851 have decent memory, and have been known to o/c very well too. BLUE coloured PCB! :)

              Hercules ones have half height blue orbs on them. That is all... :p

              Oh, a US based online shop that have 'em for around $US170 (excl postage/shipping) would be nice too - is that too ambitious?!


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                Harvey Norman has Hercules Ti200 for $499 if you read Pc Powerplay



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                  only $499? get 2!:rolleyes:


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                    Ive got no probs with my herc gf3/200 and im going to o/c it on the weekend when i get winxp on :D only if my new hdd comes though :/


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                      There's a Melbourne retailer selling Herc Ti200's for $383. I think that's a new low for Aussie GF3's. :) (a good low that is).


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                        Damn.. looking at the Ti200 prices in Jan 2002..

                        $155 US.. Quite a difference. Just goes to show you.. wait a bit and you might save some cash.

                        BAH! Who wants to wait!



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                          Well, all Gf3/200's come with ramsinks to my knowledge, but all the good ones do for sure.
                          I dont think any have 3.8ns ram, only 4
                          As for overclocking, i might try mine now >:P
                          I got a herc btw


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                            Hmmmmm yum yum

                            I was just playing RTCW with my ti200 @ 215/500 no artifacts :D

                            Will test it with a higher clock speed later, no time :(

                            Oh yeah dammit the reg. hack to use the clock frequencies in properties is stopping me doing more ram o/c

                            anyone know why when i reformatted and installed the herc drivers then the dets that the reg hack was there without me doing anything?


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                              Oh, mind you i put a full size blue orb onto mine with arctic silver 2, and it has a card cooler with 2 smaller fans glued onto it (card cooler) next to the video card