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  • Help Me Please!!!

    Trigem Computer Inc. 82810 810 chipset
    Celly 633

    How do i change My FSB for this proccesor?

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    i dunno about your board, but most boards you ned to go into the bios, while others have little switches on the motherboard.
    the button to get into the bios on most motherboards is delete, then have a look around and see if you can find something about CPU frequency or multiplier(i know changing it won't do anything, but where you find the multiplier you are most likely to find the FSB settings)
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      The best idea would be to open it up and see if ya can get the manufactuere and model off the motherboard and that would help but in most cases those boards don't overclock. :smokin:
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        Hmm... I could have sworn that I covered this topic in another thread.


        Your chipset isn't designed for overclocking. Unless there is a setting within the BIOS and a jumper on the mainboard, you are out of luck... PERIOD.

        Hate to be rude, but read the thread that you started in and you'll see what I mean.
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