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  • new cpu?

    I have a 800mhz duron cpu, and i just wanted to know if i upgrade it to 1.2 ghz what effects can i expect will my gforce mx400 64mb improve its performence?
    also and please dont laugh my mb is running at 66mhz fsb (ecs k-7s5a) and i wanna know if i can speed it up without blowing it up (like i did my other mb) any help would be great and the cpu isnt unlocked i totally dont get the bennifits of unlocking it? can anyone explain it ?

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    Let's see if we can shed a little light here for you...

    - You will be able to see the performance difference if you switch out processors. Not only because of the faster clock speeds, but also because of the larger cache that is built in to the Thunderbird processor that you're looking at. Prices should not be too much higher for the T-Bird vs the Duron, so you're really better off getting the Bird.

    - Your video card will probably perform a bit better, but don't expect miracles. Your current processor isn't top of the line, but it's not ancient either.

    - Your current motherboard will handle FSB speeds of up to 133 officially, and I believe that it has a little overclocking capability as well. To find out for sure, check out the review that we did at TweakTown on that particular motherboard ( )

    - The advantage of Unlocking the processor is the ability to adjust not only the FSB speeds, but also the actual clock multiplier of the chip. Setting the multiplier to a higher setting will generate faster clock speeds. It will be a matter of experimentation as to how high any given processor can go. Some do really well, and some not... but as a rule, you can probably expect a minimum of a 20% overclock to nearly any T-Bird class chip. Your motherboard doesn't have a lot of overclocking options, but you'll still be able to enhance the performance somewhat.

    Hopefully I've managed to answer all your questions. If not, then just post again and we'll get you squared away.

    Good luck. :)
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      hi and thanx for the reply,in the review it said it suports 100mhz (what it is running at now) 133 and 150 fsb how do i change this? and can u explain why 3d mark says my fsb is at 66mhz
      naw as i understand it probly wrong but here goes if put up the fsb to 133mhz it will raise the agp bus speed improving performence. only thing is i dont know how ! hope u can shed some light



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        I'd suggest goin' into ya BIOS and check ya cpu to memory ratio and if ya using PC133 memory select the 100/133 option there but it the memory is old PC100 then only select the 100/100 option. :smokin:
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