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    Hey, Well I have never overclocked anything before. Actually, today for the first time I have been reading your guides on tweaking windows XP. I am REALLY starting to get into computers. I have always been an avid gamer, but I want to start overclocking, and making custom windows for my comp. Anyways, having never done ANYTHING like this before and not having any friends that do I have a few questions:
    1) I am going to get a new mobo, chip, and memory...what should I get? (i.e. easiest/safest to overclock, but also has decent overclocking potential. I don't want to spend $400 to learn and still have a half-ass board.chip combo)
    2) I use AMD right now, but should I go Intel?
    3) Where are some good tutorials for noobs. You guys have some great ones, but it can't hurt to read everything, right?
    Well, sorry the post was so long, but thx in advance.

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    sorry, I kinda forgot to tell you that I am just about to get an eVGA Geforce4 Ti4200 8x AGP and NO I won't buy a new gfx card when I get the other new stuff so plz take that into consideration when suggesting, thx again :)


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      stick with amd...the only thing you can change about a p4 is the fsb...get a 2400+ or better if you can afford it. As for the mobo, i would go with an asus board (A7N8X)...they can be a little more tolerant of noobs and have great oc potential. but those boards wont unlock the multiplier for'll have to do that yourself or find a mobo that will


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        I won't get into the Intel/AMD debate as this is really a personal choice. Both have their strong and weak points, so get what you're comfortable with.

        The choice of a 2400+ or higher is good advice since all of these processors use the Thoroughbred "B" core which has a lot more ceiling room where overclocking is concerned. But with regards to motherboards, I still like EPoX branded ones. They have awesome overclocking options within the BIOS and are easy to reset in the event you push things too far and lock up the system (and yes, this will happen).

        I would go with one of the 8K9A2 models with the KT400 chipset or the one of the 8RDA models which use the newer nForce2 chipset. Both allow you to manipulate the multiplier setting of Thoroughbred processors without having to manually unlock the chip itself. And of course you will want to get some good DDR memory as well. A minimum of PC2700 rated memory from a reputable company, but higher speeds if you can afford it.

        Good luck. :)
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          Thank you very much. Most OC sites that I have talked to people on have said either "uhh...go intel" or just kinda BSed around. You guys are by far the nicest with the most user-friendly hot-tos and reviews, thank you. :thumb: