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First ever CPU overclock - is this ok?

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  • First ever CPU overclock - is this ok?

    I read that my gigabyte z170x Mobo's auto OC settings tend to run aggressive voltages that are not requires.
    So did some reading and changed only 3 things - multiplier to 44 (4.4Ghz), CPU Vcore to 1.26v and one CPU LLC that I changed from Auto to High which apparently creates a more stable OC/voltage.
    i7 6700K
    Evo Hyper 212 cooler - which is decent for people like me not into extreme overclocking.
    Gigabyte GA-z170x
    EVGA 1080 FTW
    Corsair Vengeance LPX @3200Mhz
    EVGA Supernova Gold 650W PSU

    Here's the Aida64 results, would appreciate feedback if this is ok. For reference my idle temps using the stock settings were about the same, maybe a little higher. I've seen many people reporting high 20C/low 30C's at idle and I've never seen that cool temps despite several reapplication of Artic Silver 5, reseating heat sink etc. I have 3 case fans, my ambient room temps are usually around 27-28C (it's cold here in Colorado so we keep the heating up!). I'm prety positive about the heatsink, I've built a lot of PC's over the years, just never really thought about OC'ing. If the Evo 212 is not upto the task, then I can get either a Noctua DH-15 or one of the Corsair closed system water coolers. I'm just concerned that my stock temps are too high?
    I ran Aida for several hours but forgot to take a screenshot but this is pretty much the same after 10 minutes:

    Loaded the program RealTemp and it had an option for 'sensor check' which I ran and it wanted me to run Prime95 using Small FFT's. My Cores immediately went up to high 80C's and one even hit 91C. Then I got a BSOD.
    Changed Vcore to 1.27v and seems that I can run Prime95 Small FFT's without BSOD, but the 1st core is hitting 95C (Distance to TJMax is only 7C) and the other 3 are hitting 87-88C.
    I stopped the Prime95 Test as this seems scary hot.
    I'm really concerned that my CPU is a lemon, or maybe the Evo 212 isn't capable of handling the CPU?
    I really don't know what to do now.

    UPDATE 3:
    Read that later versions of Prime95 than 26.6 use some new floating point method that gives unrealistically high temps, so got V26.6 and seeing max temps in the mid 80C's. Still hot but not in the high 80's or mid 90's.

    Appreciate any help.

    Click image for larger version

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