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    Hello everyone!

    Before anything, apologies if I will put this thread in wrong place, I just registered here in hope for finding assistance in overclocking on my spec.
    As I've been informed from many sources, 3 vital components in my PC are overclock friendly, but still I am having certain problems with it, which I will present in a few moments.
    My PC is kinda outdated, but I like it because its powerful enough to run everything I need without any problems, but I want to "unleash" it even more. :)

    My spec is:
    • QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 2400 MHz (9 x 267), which is titled as most overclock-friendly CPU from this generation (even with custom bigger cooler, temp. on idle keeps around 25 degrees Celsius)
    • Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L (also titled as overclock friendly, but I don't understand why is it making problems)
    • Corsair Dominator CM2X1024-8500C5D 4 x 1GB (also very high-tech RAM for DDR2 tech and its time and also heard it can cover high voltage increases)
    • other less important stuff (for now I won't touch GPU)

    Problems are following:
    When I change frequency in BIOS (those next to multiplier - sorry for not presenting real name, I wasn't in BIOS for a while), my system keeps resetting frequency to default or even changes to lower values than default (as I recall, numbers were around 9x200).
    When I try to swap frequency of RAM (yes, it refuses to work on 1066MHz so it works on 800MHz, which is max for my MBO), my PC won't start for next 10 minutes because of errors and I barely manage to fix it in a way it worked before adjustments (just checked it now in AIDA: DDR2-800 (400 MHz) is active RAM frequency...)
    Since of following dissapointment, I didn't even try to touch voltage of RAM-s, because it might get on fire, according to behaviour with frequency change.

    I do not have experience with overclocking components, but I am sure my PC is 100% working, components were tested regularly and I don't have any other problems with it.

    I would appreciate any of forum members with experience in this field, especially with this MBO, RAM or CPU, leave any useful intelligence that might help me with boosting my PC performance for a bit.
    (if there is any guide or forum post for this theme, you can also share it!).

    Thanks in advance!

    For any additional info about PC setup, tell me.