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  • ram overclocking

    can I quizz you or anyone else who may be able to offer some assistance some more ?
    I have been looking a little into overclocking my system and I see that in the user manual it says to overclock i should set the jumpers to jumperfree mode, jumperfree mode is the default mode as far as I'am aware anyway.
    I've adjusted the bios cpu/pci freq to the max that the system is stable with, the original default setting was 133/33x18=2.4ghz and now its at 142/36 x the cpu multiple freq (18)= 2.56ghz,right ???,I have run benchmark tests and it appears that the machine is running at this new speed, any higher and it was just crashing out, so far so good.
    Now the ram is the thing in question, I have noticed people in the forums talking of overclocking the ram etc and I noticed that someone posted and mentioned something about 133 and 166 fsb when you were talking about the ram. Does this mean that I can change (with cooling etc) the 142 setting that I have just now up to 166x18=2988 ghz ? thats a massive jump !!!!
    I think thats what you mean, isnt it ????
    Ok next thing,,,,
    According to my asus manual I can change jumper settings to suit my setup, it lists different permatations, heres some examples, cpu 100mhz-dram100mhz....cpu133mhz-rdram166mhz....cpu100mhz-rdram200mhz... and so on... those are just random examples.
    What I'am trying to figure out now is,,, do I need to adjust these jumpers at all or will my ram be running at full speed or am I barking up the wrong tree altogether, I could move a switch to cpu133-dram166 for example but am I actually going to do anything anygood ????
    I appreciate your time if you can help.

    :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

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    Hey a bloody nice o/c there mate. :thumb:

    Now if ya let us know the details of the hardware that ya workin' with such as what mobo, speed & type of memory plus what your settings currently are then it would be easier for us to inform you more correctly about it. ;)

    Keep up the good work there. :devil:


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      no problemo,
      you should know me by now wiggo, I've been asking you about loads of stuff for a few weeks now.
      Anyways, heres the setup >>>>
      MB = asusp4s533
      cpu= pentium 4 - 2.4b northwood @ 2.46
      ram= 512mb pc2700 ddr333
      graphics = geforce 3 Ti 500
      OP= windows xp pro.

      Current cpu/pci freq is set to 137/34-multiple 18, I can go higher than this setting but although the cpu can take the heat the ram takes a dive.
      137/34 takes the cpu from being a 2.4 to a 2.46, its not much of a raise at all, anything above this setting then the ram takes a massive dive in the benchmark tests.
      So, How do I tweak the ram up as well as the cpu ????
      Again mate, or anyone else who cares to respond, thank you.


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        Sorry but it was seein' this "rdram166mhz" that thru me. You'd have to have the 133MHz FSB/166MHz setting there so the reason the memory is failing over is as it's beyond it specs and increasing the Vmem (memory voltage) to 2.6volts may help as well as slowing the memory timings. The best though with your memory is to bring it back to the FSB speed 133MHz FSB/133MHz Mem and that should allow you more room to go further. Good quality PC3200/PC3500 should be used if you wish to obtain better results though. :devil win


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          Hi wiggo or whoever is reading this,
          I had a look in the bios, I looked all over all areas in the bios and I cant see any area were I can change any settings to do with the Ram, I thought It was strange too, but I cant see anywhere to change Ram Voltages etc ????
          Could it maybe be that I have to adjust the switches first before I would get these options, I wouldnt Imagine so, what ya thinks going on ????
          Remember to look at the other post's for this thread, there you will see my setup, ok ?? cheers.


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            Soz but I havn't any hands on experience with P4's so I'm not sure what you'd be lookin' for but the manual should, see if there are any sub entries in the BIOS that you have to press enter again to go further into the BIOS settings as these will usually contain what's needed. Also the jumpers on your board should be easy enough with the manual as well. ;)