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Lost the XP from the Athlon

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  • Lost the XP from the Athlon

    Since recivining my replacement 1600+ I have now been able to over-clock :D
    A problem arised this morning though when i was setting it up to run at 1.73Ghz (163FSB) and do a stabilaty test whilst i was at work.
    I know it's stable at 1.7Ghz (160FSB) but as i was taking it up 1 FSB at a time when I got to 162FSB it stoped detecting as an Athlon XP, and only came up as and athlon.
    I know it'll detect a Athlon XP 2100+ (1.73Ghz) because i had it up to that the other night, but i can't understand why it won't detect now???
    I also checked in XP sys propertys and wcpuid and niter of them come up as a XP either.

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    Usually you'll do just that once you start runnin' outside certain specs. ;)


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      But i had it before???

      I'm going to rip out my 2 crapy NIC's tonight, they are crashing my comp when mandrake shutsdown, and then i'll try dropping the fsb then putting it back up (if it's still running stable when i get home).


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        Well my number 2 PC does it and did as soon as I went past XP2000+. ;)


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          Put the FSB down to 161, picks up as 2000+
          Put it up to 164 picks up as 2100+
          inbetween go figure?
          164FSB the rest of my Hard ware does not like so i'm going to unlock it, i got up to 35deg last night !!! that's the hottest i've had the thing in yonks :D
          That was with a wierd fan set up though (going through a expreamental stage).