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Poor performance with Corsair XMS 3200 C2

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  • Poor performance with Corsair XMS 3200 C2

    Could I get some feedback from some of you guys who are using the Corsair XMS 3200 module?

    I just bought a 256 MB stick from and I can't get it to run at 200FSB.

    Did you guys have to burn-in your Corsair memory?

    I thought that this 3200 C2 stuff was supposed to do 200FSB right out of the box!

    I've got it running stable at 188FSB with maxed out timings at 2.6v. Anything over that, and I can't do 3D stuff-no matter how much voltage I give it.

    This is strange because I previously owned a stick of Corsair XMS 3000, and I was stuck at 188FSB also. After a about a month I was then able to get it up to 195 or so.

    Do you think I should just let it run for a while at 188FSB and then bump it up later, or do I have a duff stick of memory.

    If you guys were able to get 200FSB right out of the box with your 3200 modules, then I'm gona send this one back.

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    I have a stick of XMS 3000, and have had no problems with it (although i'm only running it at 333Mhz).
    But all XMS series are ment to be pretested back at the corsair labs.


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      Use the timings on Corsair's site and if it can't do them then send it back for another but, some motherboards don't like this extreme memory either. ;)


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        The memory burn-in idea is a question that I find very interesting. Corsair engineering says it is bunk, yet so many people claim it is true by personal experience. I wonder if the motherboard isn't what somehow "burns-in".


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          Thanks for the replies!

          My Corsair XMS 3200 problem turned out to be a northbridge cooling problem.

          I set up a temporary cooling solution by mounting a 6000 rpm fan in my case to blow air onto the heatsink covering my northbridge.

          Now, I am able to run 199 FSB without any problems. Anything over that however, and it fails once again in 3D apps.

          My question now, is what kind of cooling should I install on my northbridge? I was thinking about getting a good 3D video chipset cooler to put on it, but I wanted everyone's opinion first. Doesn't thermaltake make a good copper 3D chipset cooler?

          One more question. How do you get that cheapo heatsink off of the northbridge without tearing anything up?



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            What you maybe getting at 199MHz is something else sayin' "That's enough buster" as at 200MHz is where another AGP/PCI divider should be but isn't. ;)


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              That's possible, Wiggo.
              When FSB is at 200mhz, my video card is at 80mhz. Is that too high? I know default is 66mhz.

              PLEASE POST YOUR HIGHEST AGP BUS SPEED. (stable of course)


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                It maybe but don't forget about everything that uses the PCI bus as well as it's usually something on this bus that will be the first to go. ;)


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                  The only PCI card that I have is a 56k modem. That shouldn't cause stability problems should it? I mean, unless its unstable while using the modem.


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                    Your onboard IDE, floppy & USB controllers, sound, etc, all use the PCI bus atm and it can be any one of these, or devices connected to them (hard drive maybe), that are causing the problem. But yeah, basically you have something there that doesn't want to be pushed that far and usually nics and modems are the culprits.