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  • P4 Overclock Help Please

    Can someone please help me out here, I'am kinda new to all this !

    Heres what I done, please tell me if it's ok or not to do it this way ?
    I have an Asus p4s533 MB, with Sis 645dx chipset>>>Pentium 4, 2.4ghz cpu with 533 FSB and 512mb ram pc2700.

    With the Asus motherboard you have an easy overclock feature in bios setup, Soooo >
    I went into the bios and changed the Cpu / Pci freq from default (133/33) to 143/36 which multiplied by the cpu freq multiple (18)= 2.57ghz and it looks as though my FSB is up from 533 to 572 now.

    Is the machine actually running at those speeds or am I being fooled, according to a couple of benchmark programs sis sandra being one, acorrding to them the machine is running at those speeds, but I'am still not convinced ????
    Bear in mind everything is standard, fans etc etc, I look forward to hearing from anyone with Info please

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    Yep I'm pretty sure that will overclock it.
    Otherwise just manually increase the FSB bit by bit. The PCI frequency will go up whichever way you do it.
    So keep in mind that you are also overclocking your AGP ports so you may eventually have to change the dividers for the AGP/PCI.
    Eventually you may also have to bump up the CPU voltage a bit and you could also try faster RAM.