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  • Memory voltage

    I have DDR2100 RAM and I was wondering what a safe voltage is and if it will increase my OC potenial or give me more stability, I don't wanna fry my RAM however ...

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    Corsair recommends never exceeding 2.8v.
    2.7v should provide a margin of safety.


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      Usually if you raise the voltage to 2.6 you will usually gain alot more stability...


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        If it happends to be too much , how does it respond ? If your processor overheats you get lockups and crashes. Will the RAM do the same or will it just cook itself and let you know about it later


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          If you move it up in small increments, the box should get flaky (BSOD, random reboot,etc.) before it cooks the ram.


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            I personally use a vDIMM of 2.70v. Seems to respond better.

            bigjackusa is right. If you move it up slowly, you'll see noticeable signs that your memory is becoming unstable. Most of what I saw were errors at windows bootup.
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