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newbie unlocking xp 2000 needs help!

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  • newbie unlocking xp 2000 needs help!

    Ok folks, I have read as many threads as possible on this issue and I have used my unlocking kit. The question is I dont know if I have unlocked my chip. I can reduce my multiplier, but it can not exceed 12.5. My understanding is that the chip is locked at 12.5, and by unlocking it I should be able to go to 15, is this correct. However, I am able to lower my multiplier. So am I correct that I need to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch for the 5th time. Thanx before hand for your help.

    epox 8kha+ rev 2 with original bios
    amd 2000
    xp home edition
    radeon 8500le 64mb
    crucial ram 768 mb pc2100
    wd 100 gig
    wd 200 gig
    antec 1030 case
    330 power suppy
    toshiba dvd drive
    tdk rw 24/10/40

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    Yes you should be able to raise it though these days it's really not a good idea as the Athlons currently around don't have the headroom that earlier ones had. Most ppl now overclock by using just the FSB which gets the motherboard to help in the overclock and not rely solely on the CPU. Others will lower the multiplier to gain a greater FSB. :smokin:


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      Thanx Wiggo,
      So what you are telling me then is that my chip is not unlocked. I will go back and try it again. I have used my fsb, but since I have swithed to XP seem to be having trouble breaking 1800, at 144 fsb. I was more successful using windows 98 to oc (locked system) with FSB only than XP if that makes any sense.


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        XP can be more sensitive to overclocking than 98 but you may find that you're running your memory set at timings that can't properly handle those FSB speeds and may just need the timings slowed down a little. ;)

        I not exactly positive (been close to 6mths since I touched one of them) but isn't there a BIOS that supports the 166MHz AGP/PCI dividers? Anyone out there remember (I know I'm gettin' old)? :?:

        If so and have it you could run at 10 x 166MHz (with the slower memory settings or better memory) which would be your default speed and all buses will be at default also but the improvement in speed over the 133MHz FSB is very good. :thumb: