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unlocked 2200 no help?

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  • unlocked 2200 no help?

    Today i unlocked my multipiers on my new 2200. I used to be able to reach almost 2.0 mhz on my multiplier auto settings without unlocking it. I can only get 18.5 after unlocked:confused: I thought that unlocking it would give me a big increase in performance.I tried lowering mult down to 10 but still cannot get more than 149 fsb. Even when i went lower no luck. Im wanting to unlock it again so i can get 19.5 stable again. any suggestions????

    soyo dragon ultra platinum kt333
    amd 2200 @ 18.5 mult 13
    fsb 148
    ti44oo leadtek 300/ 650
    win xp

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    Sorry but with the XP2200+ there's a "not so good" core to blame there for that which has now been very much fixed with the latest which hopefully will flush these poor ones out of the retail link very quickly now. :(


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      i read the sticker on the processor and it said angoa, is that the bad core?


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        What you have is the first stepping of the Thoroughbred core there in which it seems that only about 1 in 5 will get any sorta reasonable half overclock out of but with the release now of the 2400+/2600+ and the 2nd Thoroughbred core stepping things are looking very good now. ;)

        Another thing is how did you unlock it and which bridges did you brdge? A link would be good to. :?:


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          I unlocked it by connecting the last 2 L3 bridges in this link but today i cant get to it. search for it on msn's search engine and see " Overclockers Forums - AMD 2200 T-bred Unlock UPDATE !!!!!

          i told you the wrong type its actually an airiga and i can get it to 1.975 mhz and i thought i could up the fsb if i lowered the mult but i still can t get more than 147 fsb no matter the mult... with no bridges connected i have it set to auto and I have booted all the way up to 2.0 gigs any help will be apreciated


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            here is the link...


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              So you can actually change the multiplier now? :?:

              If so then you're goin' to have to set the cpu first up to 10 x 166MHz (that should be around 1830MHz) so that you kick in the next AGP/PCI divider and this should bring the AGP and PCI buses back to their default speeds which is what seems to be stopping you atm if it's not your memory. ;)


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                Yes and no :rolleyes: i locked it back because i was getting much better performance in the locked mode. I never ran the fsb up to 166 just went in 2 mhz increments starting at 150 and then it wouldnt go any further. So if i unlocked it and bumbed it to 10 x 166 it automatically sets the defaults back so it thinks it is 166 mhz instead of 133? Im just now getting into overclocking so bear with me.If you looked at the thread i sent you the guy had his 2200 over 2 gig fairly easy at 10 x 200.....