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What is wrong with this xp1700?

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  • What is wrong with this xp1700?

    Yesterday i tried to change the multiplier of the xp 1700 from 11 to 12. So i thought simple job!! I have done this once for my friend! So i tried to cut the 2nd bridge of the l3 looks good. Now connect the last one. Ok ready i think. Cleared the cmos Powerup: huh boots as xp1700?? Ok i thought maybe cut some more....Done. Powerup again xp 1700???? What is wrong with this xp 1700? It is a agoga y Green chip. Can somemone help me please?

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    What are you do?! :confused:
    This is what you do ;)


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      Yeah i know but the problem is i have a k7s5a so i can't choose another multuplier! That is the reason i do it on the chip itself!


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        The thing is if one or more of the bridges you have cut have come into contact with the fine wire mesh that runs just under the surface of the CPU body then usually it will short thru this earthing mesh and lock the CPU at a multiplier of 11. That's why ppl who can unlock the normal way fill the pits with something non-conductive to keep these fine wires out of the way. Sometimes CPU's will just remain locked and may a some point just die. :(