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  • Processor Watt Consumption

    What could cause an increase in processor watt consumption?

    This is a multi-part question, so bear with me, I am not asking what processors consume how many watts.

    1.) What is Processor Throttling? How does it happen, and does it have anything to do with watt consumption?

    2.) Do processors of the same brand and model, and clock vary in the power the consume from processor to processor? (and how much to they vary?)

    3.) What other factors could possibly cause an increase in power consumption of an Athlon Thunderbird?

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    Processor Throttling is like when the processor internal thermal diode is able to control the amount of heat given off by the processor the speed and all sorts of stuff. Some example are the pentium 4. Take the heatsink off and it will throttle its speed down to a few hundred MHz. Hence pentium 4 is virtually unfriable.

    Every jump in voltage and speed will increase the amount of watts given off. That's why an AthlonXP 2100+ would give off more heat then an AthlonXP 1600+. Clock does very also because the pentium 4 1.6 is cooler then an AthlonXP at 1.6GHz. Due to voltage requirements and just design of the processor I guess.

    The amount of watts given off by an Athlon thunderbird can be decided by many different factors. Overclocking voltage and increase in MHz. All different things yet all the same.