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Video Card that can handle a High FSB

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  • Video Card that can handle a High FSB

    I have my old PIII computer lying around and i decided that i should get a new mobo for christmas for it, and overclock it. My current mobo has no overclocking features, so i wanted to get one that does. The one i am looking at is the Soyo SY-6BA+IV. I was going to get the +100 version, but $30 is a bit much more for such a cheap overclocking job (unless you HIGHLY! reccommend i spend that extra money). I was going to set it to the highest possible speed, which is 155x5, and get some pc150 memory. I was also gonna buy an alpha heatsink, because of the amount of heat it will produce, but i didnt know what kind of video card i should get. The motherboard automatically sets the pci bus speed to between 30 and 41 mhz, so i wouldnt have to worry about that, but the agp has no such feature. I wanted to know if there was a video card out there that would be able to support this, or if i should just go with a pci video card. here is a link to the mobo specs, and thnx!

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    Originally posted by LunchBox
    I have my old PIII computer lying around and i decided that i should get a new mobo for christmas for it,
    It's nice that you buy your computer a christmas present :D

    That's a slot 1 BX board with a 2/3 AGP divider - I assume since your mult is locked at 5 that you most likely have a PIII667 w/a native 133FSB - if it's a 500e, good luck running at a 155FSB

    If you're worried about the AGP speed - why not look at a Via board with a 1/2 AGP divider - or even an i815 board, I think a couple of slot1 versions are around

    I've had several different Radeon & GF2 cards up to and including an 89MHz AGP w/o any problems - but not as high as 103MHz

    Note: I would like to add that PC150 and solid peripherals will not guarentee that you will attain a stable 155FSB


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      I do have a 100x5 processor, but what (besides the cooling) could effect my results???? I have little to none experience with overclocking by the FSB (i overclocked my tbird to 1.466 last night :D), but shouldn't the memory and the cards be the main problem? If i need to increase my cooling, i would do that, but please help, i read your article on intel overclocking, but im still clueless! AHHHHH!


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        You'll probably find that your system memory will be in most cases your limiting factor but don't be surprised if ya CPU won't reach a 133MHz FSB. Most reasonable quality video cards will take high 70's to low 80's MHz but as I said it's more likely that your CPU will refuse to boot before ya get that far. If ya are using PC100 memory in it though I would suggest swapping it out for PC133 as it will be more reliable as ya oc the FSB also ya may (if the m/b allows) to raise the core voltage to achieve stability for the oc. :smokin:


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          I have an old slot 1 PIII500 Katami at work it will run reasonably stable at 5x124=620 - this is a limitation of the CPU extreme cooling might get a few more MHz - but not many

          a PIII500e CuMine might OC a bit higher, but to expect 5x155=775 is a little ambitious

          if every PIII500 ran at 700+ MHz, they would package them and sell them as PIII700's :D

          You ram/mb/Add-in cards etc. will affect you OC-ability to a degree as will cooling - but ultimately every CPU has it's own limit
          a later week 500e will likely Oc better than an early 500e, which will in turn Oc better than a 500Katmai.


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            gf3 on 83mhz here no probs
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              Just wind back to AGP2x or even 1x and disable side band addressing, etc. to test your vid card at higher FSB speeds. Usually, it's not the vid card holding you back, but IDE controller or Ram.

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                I've always had good experiences with nVidia based boards when running at a high bus speed. Other chips such as S3 ones are hopeless
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