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Project: overclock a compaq computer

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  • Project: overclock a compaq computer

    this may be a little long winded, sorry!

    Okay... I, like most college kids am very poor. My parents were nice enough to buy me a compter tho... but never asked me for my input (i would have gladly built my own computer and saved them money)... so here i am... i have a Compaq presario with a celeron 633 in socket 370 config (looks like old school pentium 1) I want this baby to run faster so i don't have to go buy myself a new computer.
    things i've tried:
    the motherboard- a compaq brand 06c0h says it has jumpers 3,4, and 5 for setting the multiplier... jumpers 3,4, and 5 do not want to be found... i've looked for 30 min straight.... and anyway.. the cpu probably has a multiplier lock.
    i've tried a number of programs like softfsb cpucool and cpufsb to change the fsb frequency through my pll-ic... i know the model it's an ICS 9250-26... and i found the spec sheets for it on the ics web site so i could try and configure a new info sheet for softfsb..... BUT! i don't understand what is what! i read the spec sheet... and i get what it's saying... and i get what softfsb is saying... the two just aren't saying the same thing! and cpucool and cpufsb just plain don't work for some reason.. even though they say they support my IC.

    any ideas?
    any suggestions?
    anyone know how i can set the info sheet right for softfsb? i can send you the pdf file that shows the ic's specs or show you to the site where it is. ...
    perhaps this is an unsolveable problem and compaq has gotten the best of my poor unlucky ass!


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    Sorry but Compac use custom made motherboards and BIOS's to make sure that people can't do what your plannin' on doin'. Even if you could find jumpers to change the multiplier ya couldn't anyway as that CPU is multiplier locked. SoftFSB is also a pretty buggy program from what I've heard recently which will work for a few but even then maybe not fully right. :(
    Ya'd be better off thinkin' about buildin' ya own PC from scratch as that way ya'd be sure the get the right parts so that you can do what ya want with it. ;)


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      And i really really want to do that, i'd love to build my own system! I've built and fixed all of my friends computers. I swear, i must help more girls with their computers than the tech support people at my school ;) .. but thats all good. I just need the cash to build my own computer... and since i don't have it... overclocking sounds nice... oh well. I'll keep looking, there has to be a way to beat the system. i think i just need to figure out how to get softfsb to communicate with my pll-ic. just need to know which bits and bytes it works with :afro:
      thanks for reading tho!


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        The least expensive way would be to replace the motherboard at least with one that that has all the good overclockin' features and hope that the PSU is a reasonable one. Once that is done you'll have to format the HDD and reload the os but the copy that came with the PC is probably not goin' to work then. :smokin:


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          mjrdink you do strike me as a determined fellow with a "can do" attitude. I like you already:thumb:

          But I fear the deck is stacked against you. Compaq's typically use a proprietary BIOS that when you access it, in actuality you are really entering a highly limited system configuration utility. Pretty doggone pathetic for tweaking purposes for sure.
          But it does keep down the number of calls to Tech Support at Compaq = lower cost PC's = systems that appeal to parental units.

          So to sum up math like that, I can only say the outlook is grim at best.

          By golly fella's, if it can be done, I think this might be the guy that figures out how to do it :?:
          The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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            This was a while back, but a friend of mine was dead set on overclocking his compaq, so we went to work gathering the mobo specs, and we got an 8 dollar hsf off ebay (the stock one was absolute trash)

            And we did it! We got a K6-2 from (its been a while so bear with me) from 350 - 450 (or possibly 450- 550-you get the idea)

            The system did become less stable, but not alot less stable. Two or three restarts a day and you might not even crash! :D

            So it is at least is possible, but don't try it without a better hsf.

            After about a year of use in this setup, however, the PC started to degrade, and finally when the comp was 3 years old, and had been overclocked for a year and a half it finally stopped booting. But no big loss, as it was a compaq (with a K6) from day one. 3 years was far longer than expected.


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              I annialate all

              I had/have a packard bell cyrix M2 300 (225 actual)
              talk about POS
              and like you my dad picked it out

              well I oce'd it to 290
              ran it like that a while

              whats funny is that the PCI ran at 38 out of the box

              make a turbo PLL
              and crank it up to a ghz or so
              should be possible
              but you better have mad skillz with a soldering iron

              search around theres a wire trick to up the vcore
              or find the vcore regulator and mod it

              just solder a resister to 2 pins on it and viola


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                lol well it seems wen brand names do o/c they donlt handle it very well


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                  Actually it was way more stable O/C'ed
                  since I put the PCI back to 33 and just upped the multi


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                    a new motherboard isn't a bad idea... especially since mobo's with socket370 are pretty cheap... i would have to find one with onboard sound and video tho... cuz i don't have the money to go out and buy things left and right.

                    About the OS ... the original is LONG gone... compaq preloaded ME on it... a month later i got sick of rebooting every half hour and put on 98se... then 2K 2 months later... 2 months after that XP.... and thats what i'm sticking with for a while.

                    zeradul... i don't suppose you know how your friend accomplished his overclocking do you?

                    wwilliam54.... how do i mod my pll-ic to make it turbo?
                    and how do i find the vcore and mod it? know any sites with info? i'm pretty good with an iron.... i work in a theatre and i fix audio equipment all the time... cd-players, mixers, mics... all kinds of ****... i'd have to get myself a finer tip on my soldering iron.. but i think i could accomplish it.

                    thanks for the positive input guys!:thumb:


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                      Even though ya get a mobo with intergrated video be sure that it has an AGP slot so ya can upgrade the video later. :smokin:


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                        I sure do, I did it for him....... But compaq models are all different, and he had an AMD processor... What is your Processor brand, and what is the Compaq model number of the computer?


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                          Originally posted by mjrdink
                          wwilliam54.... how do i mod my pll-ic to make it turbo?
                          and how do i find the vcore and mod it? know any sites with info?
                          Well there are two way to do vcore on a socket 370, solder a resitor/pot onto the volatage regualtor, or tie some CPU pins together.
                          You have to search there since i dont know the specifics for your mobo.
                          try searching for the pin trick on a cusl2 mobo
                          should work fine since it is a proc mod.
                          The defualt Vcore will be whatever the defualt is for the celeron.
                          I did a regulator mod on a K7S5A, it really is easy (went from 1.65vcore to 2.4 :D )
                          Again ask around to see what a safe vcore raise is.

                          as for the turbo PLL :D

                          most PLLs send separate clock signals for the PCI RAM and CPU on different pins.
                          The idea there is to get an outside clock generator (quartz usually) and feed a higher clock onto the CPU line.
                          goto CPUcools website and use the guid to find out what PLL you have.
                          then you might want to goto the PLL's manufacurus website to find a pinout diagram and the white paper.

                          then you will have all the info you need
                          Id advise much searching on this though, as I havent done it...Yet :)

                          if both mods go well
                          I wouldnt be surpirsed if you hit 900-1000 range

                          BTW you could just get a new mobo, but nowhere near the fun :)

                          EDIT I see the PLL # you gave
                          im gonna go dig a little


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                            found the prob

                            the Bios uses fourbits to set the FSB
                            2 are programmible
                            2 are from setting on pins

                            look at the table on page 3 of the spec sheet
                            looks like your gonna have to find a way to set FS0 the a 1 bit
                            then Soft FSB should work from 100 to 112 mhz
                            ill see if i can make a setting for softFSB to be able to work from 66 to 75 just to see


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                              zeradul: the model number on my compaq is 5bw220...

                              wwilliam54... you use too many abbreviations! i'm not an amatuer ... but i'm not that experienced! ... but i'll look around for what you say.... i already have the specs on my pll-ic.... i just don't know what i'd have to do to it. I'll keep working tho