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How Exactly Do You O/C??

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  • How Exactly Do You O/C??

    I was just reading through all of the posts and I started thinking about O/C since I am in the process of building a new comp. The thing is how do you actually overclock it? What are you overclocking, the chip or the mobo? What do you need to O/C? What is Front Side Bus?(What does it do)

    I know this may sound like simple questions to all you pros out there but they are very complex to a newbie like me. Thank you.:shoot3: :shoot2:

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    We had a couple of articles posted a number of years ago that dealt with overclocking Intel processors (FSB Overclocking) and also the basics of overclocking an AMD processor (Multiplier Manipulation). Though the content is a bit dated due to newer processor designs coming out, they still can give you a basic understanding about the hows and whyfores.

    Intel (FSB)

    AMD (Multiplier)

    Good luck! And make sure to let us know how you fare when you decide to take the plunge. :)

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      If i were a superstitious type, I'd point out that that is Moctezuma05's 13th post here in the forum:rolleyes:

      Study carefully and good luck to you Moctezuma05
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        :shoot3: :shoot2:


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          yeah i agree though i cant say to much because ive only got some post for myself heeh im just starting off i was posting on but bah you guys are way more cooler !! :)


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            Thanks for that as I like to think we are. :thumb:


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              Just a little advice for your first overclock. Read the all the articles, the one at TT are the ones I used when I O'C my first slot A athlon. When you think you got it, and you understand, read it again. With that comfort level, you are less likely to panic when you get the point when the only thing that comes to mind is "Oh Sh*t!" :laugh: T-birds where a lot easier than Slot A cpu. Good Luck!

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      's not all that hard really...mainly comes orm experience...and unless u really don;t knoe wat ur doing ur not likely to damage anything:D