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Overclocking P4 2.26 533FSB ???

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  • Overclocking P4 2.26 533FSB ???

    I'm about to build a decently futureproof system, but have a couple of questions regarding overclocking the new P4's with the 533MHz FSB.

    The multiplier on P4's is locked, so people having been overclocking their Northwood A series chips by raising the FSB to 533.

    If I buy a new P4 2.26B (533), and it already runs at 533FSB, can I still speed the little bugger up?

    Here's my bits'n'bobs on order:
    EPoX 4G4A+
    P4 2.26B (533FSB)
    Corsair 512Mb PC-3000 XMS
    Leadtek Ti4200
    400W PSU

    Plenty of flexibility with the RAM, mobo and power areas, but am a bit concerned that I won't be able to crank any more out of her when I start to get bored in 6 months time.

    Any suggestions or constructive criticism welcome.

    Regs, Brettly.

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    Yes you can speed it up via the FSB. Be sure to get some good quality PC2700 (DDR333) or better memory though. Corsair XMS 3200 would be the best. :smokin:


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      the 2.26 P4 should certainly have plenty of headroom to move the FSB up quite a bit... With decent cooling and extra voltage you might be able to get to 2.8Ghz or so, which is 165 FSB.
      Like Wiggo said, make sure you get decent RAM (like the one your getting) so you can use the 4:5 FSB:RAM divider to get approx 200Mhz RAM speed (you will need very good ram to get there :D )


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        yea taht's the main problem with the palimino core....there;s better ram and chipsets but it's 133fsb can;t really take advantage of it