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Hard Drives slowed down???

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  • Hard Drives slowed down???

    I'm running 2x 20GB Maxtors in RAID 0, and it seem that my hard drive access time has slowed waaaaayy down due to my OC'ing. I'm currently running the FSB @ 160MHz, and everything else seems fine. But it takes a full 5 minutes for WinXP to load up to my desktop, and accessing drives just seem sluggish.

    Why is this?

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    It's possible that the PCI bus freqency is too high for either the RAID controller or drives, Maxtors arn't friendly to high PCI frequencies and yours is at 40MHz at that setting. If ya could get that FSB to 166MHz the next divider should cut in and the PCI bus would be back to its normal 33MHz. :smokin: