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  • Need help overclocking....

    Im running my 800 at 900 rite now, and its very stable. I would like the reach 1 Ghz, but the multiplier is locked at 6x so I can only adjust the FSB. My problem is that im using PC-133 RAM and since i've already set my FSB to 150, is it safe to go further?
    Another thing is that its not the highest quality RAM and it only runs at 133 in CLU3. The CPU and Mobo temps are all in check and its safe to say that heat isn't really a big concern for me..Please give me some suggestions.
    Thanks in Advance

    System Specs:
    PIII 800EB Mhz
    Asus CUV4X Mobo
    256Mb SDRam
    Geforce2 GTS 32MB
    SB Live! Value

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    Though it is theoretically possible, it is pretty unlikely that you'll do any damage to your components by pushing the system to a higher speed. I know that when I go too far, my system won't boot, or it will POST and then fail to load Windows. From there, I just reset the jumper to default settings and start over again, but a little lower this time.
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      I think you should be able to reach 1ghz fairly easily...unless your RAM can't handle the high FSB, in which case you might consider purchasing pc150 RAM but then again it might not be worth it anyway.


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        Still, most PIII's don't seem to go much higher than about 150. Highest I've ever been able to do on one. (partially a board limitation)