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    My question is, in short, what is the difference between:

    1.0 Ghz Athlon T-Bird, 266 FSB
    1.4 Ghz Athlon T-Bird, 266 FSB, underclocked to 1.0 Ghtz

    As far as electrical usage is concerned... I know that under normal use, the 1.4 uses about 15-20 more watts than the 1.0, BUT would it use less at the same clock speed, and if so, how much less?

    Logic tells me it would, becuase if it didn't I doubt it would be capable of sustaining 1.4 Ghz with such a low increase in watt usage. I am just curious if anyone knows how much less power it would use?

    Is it fair to say that this watt rating would be consistant with the curve that exists as you start to compare wattage to clock speed as you overclock?

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    If using the same voltage for each then it should be the same but why would ya want to underclock the 1.4? :confused:
    A full listing of the electrical specs for most CPU's can be found here :smokin:


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      Odd that you should point me there... I found that page with google about a week ago...

      Underclocking.. haha its a really long story... :)

      Never the less, I am under the assumption that processors are given their retail clock speed Solely by how hot they get during a certain series of benchmarks. Since heat given off = electricity used, I would think that underclocking any processor would cause it to use less power than a lower clocked (aka lower performing) processor. A retail 1.0 ghtz got hotter through the same benchmarks that the 1.4 stayed cooler through, and therefore got slapped with a 1.0 Ghtz rating.

      It then would make sense to me that a 1.4 @ 1.0 would use less power... :confused:


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        No - All CPU's are graded according to the maximum frequency that they can safely run. This isn't so much the case these days, as yields on CPUs are so good, but it has nothing to do with heat output. The chips are the same core, a 1GHz Athlon and a 1.4GHz Athlon @ 1GHz emit the same level of heat.
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          I see.. Thanks