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help with p2 233

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  • help with p2 233

    hi, I'm trying to overclock my intel pentium 2 233

    64mb ram

    asus P2L97 agp mobo

    the system is almost useless now, can't even run some emulators

    but i have never over clocked before.

    i tried going into bios but there r no settings that i can change

    speed. so i thought i probably have to go into the system and

    change the jumpers. or is there another way?

    and anyone know what is a safe speed and a realistic speed that

    i can get the 233 to?

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    hmmmm....To be honest i wudn't even bother trying to overclock and just buy a new mobo n CPU, u cud pick up a Duron + mobo cheaply, even Althon XPs systems arn't that expensive.


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      no cause if i can get some out of this i'll wait a little longer and then buy, which i pay the same amount and get even more power

      but i never used durons before, i tried intels and athlons

      how much cheaper do u think the durons r?

      and do they suck? i'm willing to spend $200, what do u think i can get?


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        I have a Duron and its OK, its a cut down Athlon basically. I wud try a site like, gets some parts second hand. Then u cud probally get an Athlon 1.1Ghz, Mobo + some more RAM. Wot graphics card do you have by the way?


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          You could try and get the hold of SoftFSB which will allow you to play around with the fsb settings (multiplier locked) from within windows.........some of the older mobos will allow you to adjust the fsb from 66 to75 and 83....some will also allow intermitant settings as well.....from memory, the Asus mobos were pretty good in this regard......good luck


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            oh okay, thx

            i only got a voodoo2 (apollo 3dfast 2)

            8mb i think :(


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              Originally posted by nwgtr
              oh okay, thx

              i only got a voodoo2 (apollo 3dfast 2)

              8mb i think :(
              yeesh! get a new vid card...wait, you prolly don't have an agp slot, sounds like time for a serious upgrade!...and unless you got a realy case, i'd start saving for a whole new system :lips: :lips: :lips:


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                Yer if u only got a Vodoo, thats probally y u cant tun most emulators, dont bother wid an upgrade do what daedalus said and save for a completly new system. You could get a whole system for about £500 UK (wudn't a beast but wud probally run ur emulators ;).


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                  oh, cause was planning to just upgrade this system that i had

                  since i have the mid tower case, speakers, monitor

                  all i really needed was a mobo and cpu, also a vid card

                  didn't want to spend much money, i know i can get a whole

                  system for like $1000 can

                  just wanted to spend a few hundred


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                    Well then get a budget mobo, a Duron 900mhz, and a Hercules 4500 thats pretty much a budget upgrade, and it shud take care of your emulators..unless ur playin N64 emulators......then god help you lol.


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                      hehe yeah, shepps is right cheap mobo, maybe epox, duron 900/50 and Herucles 4500 and you'll have yourself quite a...budget beast :confused:


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                        oh okay, thx for the advice

                        or i might as well do what i always been doing :)

                        save a few thousand then get the top notch system

                        which used to last at least 3 years, then repeat

                        but now it would probably last 1 year then repeat


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                          probably 2 years....buts its better to sell parts and upgrade as you go


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                            I once had a Pentium 1 233mmx Cpu that i oc'ed to 300mhz with a massive big cooler on it, which was 100% stable.

                            Didn't like booting into windows when i ran it up to 350mhz, tho...


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                              ALL figures in US Dollars

                              Unless money is no issue, Paying top dollar is STUPID. In 3 years, the difference between a 3000$ machine now, and a 1000$ machine now is basically NO DIFFERENCE.


                              3 Years ago, a 3000$ machine was:
                              PII450 128MB, 32X cd-rom, 8 meg AGP video card, 17inch monitor

                              3 Years ago a 1000$ machine was:
                              PII233 48MB or ram, 24X cd-rom 4meg AGP. 17inch monitor

                              Is there much performance difference there? (compared to whats avaliable now?) The answer is No. Sure, the second one could use an upgrade in ram, and vid card, but that is relativly inexpensive.

                              AND JUST THINK... in a year, year and a half down the road... go out and spend another thousand of What was saved... If you kept the monitor, you would be able to get a PIII 900, 256 meg of ram, TNT2 32 meg...!

                              AND YOU STILL HAVE SPENT 1000$ less than Person 1, and now you've got double the capability of their computer... AND A Second computer.

                              This is assuming you are handy with computers, and know how to buy and install your own components...


                              That is my logic.

                              In this day in age, you should not be spending more than 250$ for a processor/mobo combo. I don't understand how you can justify a 400$ processor, only to have it drop in value to 120$ in 6 months.. sheesh.. it comes down to two things, either your really need that added speed(and you can afford it), or your ego really needs some artificial boosting...

                              I don't get it.

                              But Hey, someones gotta keep paying for R + D....