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FSB overclocking questions

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  • FSB overclocking questions

    hello guys ...just a few questions... when you overclock your FSB should you raise your voltage on DDR ram? The reason I am asking cause I have never been able to reach the FSB of 150 mhz ever. I have OCZ ddr ram rated at 150mhz. I I know that other componets can be a problem but any pointers on where to start?

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    I run my DDR at 2.6v and it is stable. To get higher than that in the voltage department will take some active cooling, or you'll run the risk of burning up the memory.

    Also, if you go ahead and set the CAS level in BIOS to 2.5 instead of 2, then you will more than likely get higher FSB settings.

    If both of these ideas fail, then you probably have a component in the system that isn't playing nicely with others.
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      The ram I don't think is the problem cause it is rated 2400 @ CL2.
      Do you think the Video could be the problem? The pc specs are below (pc#2) Could the CPU be limiting the FSB?