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need help, i am stuck and can't o/c anymore

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  • need help, i am stuck and can't o/c anymore

    what i am running currently:

    P4 1.6 ghz @ 2.2 ghz (this is the willamette, not the northwood, very stable)
    Asus P4b m/b
    ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 7500
    Stock Heatsink
    3x65 mm fans
    Antec Sx830 case (soon to be modded)
    192 meg of sdram
    40 gig seagate
    Microsoft XP pro

    I have upped the FSB to 140 but that is all i can do, i have a stable system at that but i need more. my temps are 43 idle and 55 loaded, could that be the problem? My SDRAM volts are bumped up to 3.75, and my vcore is 1.825 with a max of 1.85. What can i do? i would like to reach 3 ghz, i have seen it done with air cool but how...? Here is the link with the 1.6 with air cooling--The air cooled 1.6 @ 3.1

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    The link you provided was for NORTHWOOD overclocking - not the Willamette. The Northwood core is much more tolerant of overclocking than the Willamette, so there's your answer :)
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      No need to be disappointed fhgump - you did a real nice OC there:thumb:
      The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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        Yep a pretty good o/c for the older P4 stepping. :thumb:


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          I agree, very nice OC....
          And guess what! Im JediAgent this time, not you fhgump!

          But still nice OC, maybe a 1.6A (Northwood) sometime in the near future.

          *advise not given for computer benefit, but bragging rights*


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            c'mon, how useless was all of that!! I mean, i now see that i made a bad investment, thx, but i am sure that there is a way to further o/c


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              If that was hostility toward my post, im not sure you understood the fact that i said (1) you did a good O/C and (2) im sure that with your previous ability youd do better with a 1.6A. I wasnt trying to dis your purchase at all.
              And the *advise not given for computer benefit, but bragging rights* is my personal belief that we would all be OK with P3 700's if it really came down to how much we need a pc. The drive to go faster is fueled by a need for speed and rights to brag.
              No need for the hostility.

              And the comment about not being you was strictly the prob i've been having with signing in.

              So calm down and focus your time and energy into showing us what you made of with that P4!


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                Nice overclock there for a willamete!


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                  sry about that, i really didn't mean to come off as hostile, i was really being more desperate than anything else.


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                    That's ok but all overclockin' has a lot of luck mixed in with it and you havn't done bad at all with what you have. ;)