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  • New system tweaking

    OK: Here's the system:

    AOpen AK79D-400VN mobo NForce2 with dual ch. mem
    AMD 2600+ 333 FSB @ 179x12.5 = 2238
    2x256 Corsair DDR 4000 @ 179x2.5 = 446
    AGP 8x @70.0
    mem timings 2.5/7/3/3
    ATi 9600XT w/ 256 @ 550/350
    Seagate ST340016A 40G as C:
    WD WD1200JB 120G as D:

    3D: 4246
    2002: 6329/5057/846

    The mobo won't let me go above 12.5 but I can go below it. I haven't changed voltages or memory timings from stock. It's stable at these settings.

    Any suggestions for more tweaking? I'm a n00b at this.

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    Well my XP2600+ runs at 11.5 x 200MHz with 1.75v core voltage though you may want to try the multiplier at 11 first. Just watch ya temps if ya usin' the standard retail HSF that comes with the CPU.


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      remember u will usually have better performance with a higher fsb instead of mult. cuz fsb is cpu and memory speeds. for instance. 200x11 isnt as good as 220x10. sorry if u already know this.