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mixing memory?

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  • mixing memory?

    i have a stick of 512mb pc3200 geil memory and im wanting to buy a stick of 512 pc4000. is it cool to mix speeds of memory?

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    No. They will both run at the lower speed, and performance will suffer because they aren't both the same.

    Besides, can your rig do 250fsb? If not you will be underclocking it anyway.


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      nah just 235 cause i cant lock agp/pci. well asus says its locked by default, but i dont think it is. and plus i can only turn my memory down from 400 to 333. dunno what divider that is...think its'


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        400 = 1:1
        333/320 = 5:4
        266 = 3:2

        If you run at 235 it would be DDR470 and you wouldn't be getting your moneys worth.


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          alright thanks ill get another stick of pc3200 then.


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            Opps.. guess I shoulda asked before i did it. I had 256 Samsung DDR333 and bought 512 Infinium DDR400, clocked them both at DDR333. So I shoulda have done that then?

            On the other hand, my CPU is only 266, now should I just clock it all down to 266?

            I went with the DDR400 so I can re-use it when it comes time for an Athlon 64 upgrade.


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              Since your memory is capable you may as well use that divider to run it as it currently is. Looks like a 4:5 ratio.


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                Re: mixing memory?

                Y dont you buy the pc4000 sticks for a nice pair ?