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A thought about unlocking an XP

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  • A thought about unlocking an XP

    Now, i'm bored here at work, and came up with the following little pic (Thanks MSPaint.. ;) )

    It shows the way to unlock the old Athlon chips, in all it's simplicity... Now, instead of having to fill the laser cut gap first, would it be possible to pencil the chip the way I have shown? I haven't really had a chance to take a look at the chip yet, I was just wondering whether it would be possible. You'd need a very straight hand and a very fine pencil, but could it be done?

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    Well, possible- Yes

    Worth the hassle- No

    Eaiser the ole' fashioned way.


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      old fashioned way?


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        Your theory is valid Beefy, but don't forget the longer the trace the greater the resistance you introduce into the circuit. Despite the conductive laquer being highly consuctive, you still run the risk of the resistance being too high :(
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          that and the fact that a longer pencil line means more chance of failure in general. unless you really put down a good trace...


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            Actually the only prob with that now is that the graphite will not conduct the required current to tell the system that the CPU is unlocked. Plenty have tried it and all have failed but there are several "How To's" that I've linked in the news over the last few months that will tell ya exactly why. Even using conductive substances doesn't always work the 1st time if it is not thick enough to get the required current runnin' thru the bridges. :smokin: