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ram goes weird when overclocked

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  • ram goes weird when overclocked

    first off here's my specs

    epox 8RDA
    xp 2400
    256 mb pc 2100 crucial
    geforce 2 mx 200

    i tried to just boost my fsb up to 135 from 133 and im already gettin probs. good thing is i know for sure that its memory (saves troubleshooting). because i can change the mult and get the cpu goin fast but as soon as i play with the fsb the memory keeps actin up. even a cheap ass memory should be able to get way higher fsb than that, i mean thats pathetic. 1 mhz over stock and it goes funny. anyone know what this could be?? let me know if you need more info : peace2:

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    - Make sure you're running the memory speed in sync with the FSB.
    - Make sure that the default FSB speed is set to 133 and not 100 as this can make a difference.
    - Try playing around with the memory timings.

    Crucial memory, even the PC2100 variety, is usually pretty good. As a rule, the PC2100 modules will generally be able to run at 160-185MHz with no problems. While it is possible that you got some borderline modules that can barely take the stress, it is unlikely. Since you're going funny at anything over default, it almost has to be a BIOS setting that is throwing a wrench in the works.

    Good luck
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      Make sure you locked your AGP/PCI bus.


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        what frequency is agp at default? its set to auto right now?

        i have another question too so i might as well keep it in this thread. what are the stock voltages for my agp and memory? They are set to default right now but im unsure of what default is.
        i think they are both 1.5v, am i right?


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          I think Soulburner hit the nail on the head. Sounds like the problem is your AGP speed changing with the mobo. I'm not familiar with that mobo you have but as you increase the FSB speed you may be increasing the speed on your AGP bus which can cause you problems with such a very slight overclock.

          There should be a way to manually set the AGP bus.


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            i locked the agp at 66 and it still wont let me increase the fsb, even 1mhz


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              Don't know what to say. If you have other systems handy you could swap parts to troubleshoot and isolate the component(s) giving you grief.


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                one step ahead of ya, all the parts in this system have been oced in my other system with no probs, i think it has to be a bios setting or sumthin like darth said


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                  just solved it. i had to manually set the memory timings instead of optimum or agressive or whatever. even if they were the same, it still makes you set them yourself, weird, o well its fixed anyways, thanks for the imput guys. : peace:


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                    Glad it worked out for you. :thumb: