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problem with asus pc stick drivers

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  • problem with asus pc stick drivers

    Hi. I Just Bought an Asus QM1 PC Stick and Had Problem With It From The Beginning. First, The Original Windows 10 That Was Installed From The Factory Didn't Came Up, So I Had to Install Another Windows 10 on It. After the Installation, Speed Wasn't So Good And The Respond was Very Slow, And So Many Drivers Wasn't Installed in Device Manager. I Installed Them From The Automatic Search of The Windows in Device Manager. Speed Didn't Got Much Better And Audio Driver Was Showing That Was Installed, But No Sound Was Coming Out of The TV Speakers. I Wasn't Happy With the Results So I Installed Windows 8.1 on It. After the Installation, Speed Got So Much Better, And I Installed All The Drivers The Same Way That I Installed on Windows 10. Now I'm Happy With Everything Except That The Audio has The Same Problem Again. in Sound Section in Control Panel Under The Playback Tab, Shows That, Speaker SST Intel (WDM) Is Installed. But No Sound Coming Out of The TV. I Tried It on Other TVs As Well, But No Change. If HDMI Driver was Installed Properly, Shoudn't I See Digital Audio (HDMI) in The Sound Section? Instead Of Speaker ? And There Is No Driver for This PC on Asus Website, Except Wifi and Bluetooth. I Just Don't Know What to Do Any More. Please Help Me. Thank You in Advance.

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    Re: problem with asus pc stick drivers

    I'm Still Waiting for Your Replies.