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Where does all driver files go?

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  • Where does all driver files go?

    I wiped out all of drivers while upgrading to Win 7. I used drivertuner software to download most of necessary drivers from the Internet. However, most of driver files came as zip format. Most of driver files in form of .sys, or .dll files. For example, one of driver folder's name is 0e20d488258c5b97553440f650ebe106. Inside this folder there are 14 files, including agp440.sys,isapnp.sys, machine.inf, msisadrv.sys, mssmbios.sys, nv_agp.sys, pci.sys, swenum.sys, termdd.sys, vdrvroot.sys, volmgr.sys, and uliagpkx.sys. These files seem belong to graphic card. I also have other driver folders. Such as, 2a4dfea593c1cfd8c4aead4ce90980e7, 2c9f0ceee0d4ab6d1649ee774a140a35, 4f057b61507d012a9fc759f72e370743, 9f03b0faf7dbcba4f7a33ab0d796fb43, 66e47b8981e23d13160cac898a1f86f0, 99be0cf4434f87588cd8577d515b1d34, 334d73a9803a67b0c18805585bb69883, 368acc0a5b14b95c1520934f8381c42d, 429bc79e9a851f7a850072fee3f6fa18, 838a1d6dc29d70d1c689acf33a8e9831, 9149dcaa528f917fce38650d4891f054, 9850ae98d0488035f2bd04cb43624c99, 079387c1d02a36cc44cbb83aada96e9e, 843118e6fba448281d754feb3932cbd0, bcc569560817345f539605028223be5d, and e1bb38b28c3fca604139d8e78a298f7b. I was able to load driver with setup file, but most of folders include .sys and .dll files, I don't know where to put these file. I am using Asus A53U series with Win 7 UltK(korean edition). Can I move those files to c:\windows\winsxs folder? Please help.
    Thank you for help.
    P.S. If you need further information and something is not clear please let me know.