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nVIDIA Vanta 8mb GFX Card

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  • nVIDIA Vanta 8mb GFX Card

    Hi im new here :rolleyes:

    Im used to the forums tho i am a moderator in the PC Tech on the one in my profile ANYWAYZ

    I have a nVIDIA Vanta..i have learned its a AGP GFX Card and its upgradable i was wonmdering tho... if there are new drivers for it that i can download to improve its performance or just go splash out cash on a new one??? I am lloking to get a new GFX card for Christmas.. anyone got any suggestions for a GFX Card at leadt 32mb... and it has to be able to handle good stuff and it must be around... £100 if possible :geek:

    Well please let me know thanks alot!


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    hehe, another person with a vanta lt from compaq like get the gts-v from visiontek, that'll be 65 bucks, cheapest out there for the best stuff


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      :D Yup! hehe

      Is that $$$ or £££?? and i know 65$ is about £30... i think lol so im aiming a bit higher lol

      yea its a Compaq Presario.. it WAS 64mb of ram but i upgraded i got a

      nVIDIA Vanta GFX Card 8mb
      DVD ROM
      AMD Athlon 900mhz Processor
      320mb of RAM
      20gb Quantimm Fireball HD
      56k v.90 Modem

      Its good it DID have Windows ME (Many Errors :D)

      well it was crap lol

      so i upgraded to XP :)

      Thanks anyway!!!


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        umm, wow, you have almost the same specs but i don't have a dvd but i have a 30gig
        and i have 640:)

        umm, get the gts-v, it'll give you gts pro performance after you o/c and $65 US


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          Well, 100 pounds is close enough to $300 Australian, and for that sort of money you can get either a GeForce2 Pro or a GeForce2 Ti based card. Gamedude, a popular Australian mail order company has them for less than that, so you'll have some $$$ left to buy some
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