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DVD burner doesn't work?

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  • DVD burner doesn't work?

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    Ok so recently I noticed that my dad's comp has a DVD drive that says "DVD writer" on the

    faceplate, and knowing that my dad doesn't burn DVDs I swapped it with my simple DVD reader...

    So one day I was at the store and I wanted to pick up some blank DVDs. I learned that there are

    DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs. I asked the guy at Fred Meyer what's the difference and he told me it's

    formatting and that DVD-Rs are more common, so I should try that if I don't know.

    So I bought it, brought it home and tried writing it. It didn't work - the drive LED just kept

    flashing, and the blank DVD never loaded. If I opened up NERO DVD writing option, the "Burn"

    button would be disabled when I'm creating a DVD.

    So I opened up EVEREST home edition, and it showed me the following:

    Optical Drive Properties
    Device Description HP DVD Writer 100j
    Manufacturer HP
    Device Type DVD+RW
    Speed DVD+RW:2.4x/8x, CD:12x/10x/32x

    So I was like crap! It's a DVD+R!

    So I went back to Fred Meyer and picked me up a 15-pack of maxell DVD+R blanks...

    I come home, I pop it in my drive, and the same damn story! When I open up my Nero Express latest

    cracked version, the "Burn" button is disabled when I do the DVD setup. If I try to click "Disc

    Info", it waits for a while saying "Searching for a disk" and then shows up saying "No disc

    inserted or drive not ready, please try again", while my drive LED is still flashing.

    My dad says that it's not a DVD writer, even though it says "DVD-writer" on the face plate, and

    everest says it's a DVD+RW"...

    So any idea what the hell coul be the problem?

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    Re: DVD burner doesn't work?

    1. You are using cracked software that is probably not working properly.
    2. You are using an old burner and Everest may be reading it wrong.

    New burners are cheap, just get one and it will come with a free version of Nero and that will solve both your problems.
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