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WinXP and SiluroT400 Direct X oddity.

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  • WinXP and SiluroT400 Direct X oddity.

    First off I have an abit KT7A mb, with 640Mb RAM and an Athlon 1000 oc'd at 1266. I recently installed the Abit Siluro T400 twin view AGP card in my coputer, running XP. you have a basis on what I have.. What I am curious about is this:

    Doing Direct X diagnostics (ver 8.1) I go to graphic 3D and when it goes to hardware accelerated part it actually is no faster, and almost seems a bit slower than the normal. And It doesn't show the fast pickup of speed like my old Diamond Stealth III 540 Xtreme did. With the diamond AGP I could see the difference between the two, but not with the Siluro. Perhaps I have a setting wrong? The drivers are from MS and are digitally signed. After I downloaded the nVIDIA Detnonator drivers and installed them I was able to go to the update spot at Microsoft and it found some "new" driver for my nVidia card. They installed and all else seems to work ok. Just wondering.

    Is it possible to OC the video card, or is that a no no, or does it even matter?


    winemaker from in Michigan, USA