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nzxt noctis 450 upgrade?

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  • nzxt noctis 450 upgrade?


    I currently have a noctis 450 as a case and have all stock fans. Which is 3 120 nm nzxt fn v2 fans in the front and 1 nzxt 140nm fn v2 fan. I also have a corsair h110gt on my cpu block and the radiator sits on the top of the case. I wanted to upgrade my front and back fans because in times of gaming my computer gets hot and all of the case fans spins at higher speeds. I was looking into the corsair af and sp fans but I don't know if I should get 3 static fans for the front and 1 high air flow in the back? I do want the fans to be quiet so should I get the performance or the quiet edition of the fans?

    Please help and thanks in advance!