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    this is the first computer I've ever built (newbie alert :D) and I was wondering what CPU temp I should shoot for?

    right now it's 47C under load, 42C idle, which I know has got to be too high
    that's why the case is still open and it's sitting in the middle of my floor, until I get some fans :D

    any suggestions for what type etc.. of fans I should get :?:

    T-bird 1.3G
    Soyo Dragon +
    Corsair 256M DDR
    GeForce 2 64M
    1-WD 40G
    1-Quantum 13G

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    Actually, you're load temperatures are not out of line at all. Though the idle seems a tad on the high side, overall you're doing fine.

    If you plan on adding some fans, then look to see if your case has places built in to hold them. A lot of cases do, and more than likely it will hold an 80mm fan if you find such a place for them.

    If not, then you'll be looking into some case modding. If you decide to go that route, then just let your imagination be your guide.

    Good luck. :D
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      oooo case mod'in - let's try another new thing :D

      the case already has places to mount fans, guess I'll break out the old ruler and see what the'll fit

      I was checkin out other posts and saw a bunch of people with 34C cpu temps, so it kinda scared me that my idle is higher than their load temps.

      I need a beer now


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        If you really want lower temparatures buy a new heatsink such as the swiftech or alpha!


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          It might be that those 34C temps were for Intel chips which run a lot cooler than the Tbirds....

          My best temps with a Swiftech MC462A have been in the mid-high 30s for a stock 1333Tbird in a Lian-Li case and around 39C for a stock TB1200 with a Swiftech MCXC370 with case cooling. Both these temps were in a room at about 27C.

          Like I said, those temps may be in relation to Intella chips.... or could be bad temp measurement or a bloody cold room to start with.

          As Darthtanion said, with moderate-good cooling your temps are in the normal Tbird ballpark and not a lot to worry about. The case cooling could help a little to make sure you're not getting heat build up in the case.

          Have fun.


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            Damn i v jealous.
            Its hot in west Australia and my xp1600+
            is sitting on 61 deg C and go`s up to 68C
            mind you it is 30C at 8pm.
            I`ve got a Volcano 6Cu HSF.
            Need for cool



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              My friend has an Athlon XP 1600+ and the very same ThermalTake Volcano 6Cu, and never gets above 46 degrees under full load in 30 degree ambient temperature. What motherboard are you using? If you're relying on ASUS' probe software, chances are that it is HIGHLY inaccurate - a motherboard model would be helpful :?:
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                Thank you Albinus for that quick reply
                yes i`m using Asusprobe on a Asus A7V Mobo, the Bios indicates 5-8 degrees cooler, i`ve also got 2 fans in and 3 out



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                  I am running at 25 degrees idle hehe!


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                    Yeah but you just told me that's it's 5c there atm. :eek:


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                      I'm probably gonna buy a new Athlon this week, since I believe my other one is fried.

                      Has anyone had problems with the Volcano 6cu? I believe something was faulty in the one I got or something, cause since I put that one on the CPU, my computer has been down.

                      My thoughts are that the heatsink wasn't completely seated, or there was something wrong with the thermaltake that was on it.

                      Anyway, I'm probably going to get a volcano5 this time, should I just scrape off the thermaltake that's on it and put some on myself :?:

                      If this is the better way to go, how thick of a layer do I need to put on, and is there such a thing as putting on too much of it :?:


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                        You might wanna consider some Arctic Silver 3 thermal compound.
                        Check it out here
                        They also have a neat guide on how to remove existing (as well as Arcticsilver) thermal compound from your core &heatsink.
                        Even if you dont buy some of the Arctic Silver, still checkout their install guide.

                        Anyway, before you throw away your Volcano, inspect the bottom of the heatsink and make sure its smooth. Remove that gooey crap from it if you havnt already and lap it. (means to sand it until its as smooth as a babys bottom)

                        I also suggest you uninstall Asus Probe, then go build a small, but containable fire and burn the cd it came on.
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                          Thanks, I'll check that out.

                          There was that problem with being able to wiggle that HS, it doesn't move from side to side or anything, but I can wiggle it.

                          so I think I'll just a new one anyway, I can save the that one for if I decide to build another puter in the near future.


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                            It's highly possible to ruin an AMD socket A CPU by "wiggling" or rocking the HSF whilst on the chip. Their delicate cores are easily broken, once on KEEP IT ON!!! ;)

                            The Volcano 6Cu is servicing all my non-overclocking friends well, keeps any Athlon XP CPU under 50 degrees under full load. On the other hand, the one who overclocks has an 1800+ with an Alpha PAL8045... :toung:

                            Yes - it is possible to apply too much thermal compound - a thick layer actually hampers heat transfer instead of helping. As Bahamut Zer0 suggested, go to the Arctic Silver website and look at their installation guide - pretty thorough.

                            Good Luck!!! :wave:
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                              thx al - I read the instructions, I'll print them out before I do it, just to make sure I do it right :D

                              I'd prefer to not screw up another CPU ;)

                              hopefully I'll be back on the system in my sig on friday : peace2: