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Questions on fan controllers

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  • Questions on fan controllers

    I just wanted to ask for your opinions on fan controllers. Please answer them honestly;

    1. Do you like a touchscreen interface (Like the Bitfenix Recon) or a simple interface (Like the Bitfenix Hydra Pro)?

    2. Do you prefer buttons, sliders or knobs?
    3. Would you like to turn some fans off in your case?
    4. Are you someone who likes silence in your PC?
    5. If you have a fan controller/fan controllers, which one(s) do you have?
    6. Do you find the beeping sounds on some fan controllers annoying?
    7. Do you like the fan controller to be positioned on your desk (NZXT Sentry LXE) or in one of your desktop bays?
    8. If you like your controller in a desktop bay, do you want the size of the controller to be 1 or 2 5 drive bays?
    9. Do you like wires to be detachable on your controller, or permanently soldered?
    10. Would you like your controller to be temperature sensing?

    Thanks for supporting me! :)

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    Re: Questions on fan controllers

    aslong as its reliable and does the job well,and controls atleast 4 fans 3/4pin then im happy

    ive bought lots of cheap controllers and they work well,also own a v12xt touch screen fan controller brand new in the box unused

    prefer ones that fit into the drive bay at the front of pc


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      Re: Questions on fan controllers

      I only use fan controllers that fit in a single 5.25" drive bay.
      I prefer manual controls for each fan channel.
      Some lower priced controllers don't under-volt well and better quality fans can't be slowed to their lowest setting.
      Some fans don't under-volt well and have trouble spinning on the lowest voltage setting.
      Some fan controllers have low watts per channel capacity and won't handle multiple fans on one channel or high(er) wattage fans.
      I like the controllers with multiple temperature sensors but this leads to a lot of wires.
      I prefer using a $15 manually operated infrared laser digital thermometer in many cases.
      All controller wires on the back of panel must be removable.

      I bought and like my ZM-MFC2 fan controller even though I knew that is hard to read unless the display is at eye level and it has a narrow angle of view.
      The wired temperature sensors are accurate but difficult to mount in some places inside the case.
      The ideal LED controller display panel would be wireless and easily readable, but I wouldn't pay the high selling price if one existed.

      that's my 2 cents


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        Re: Questions on fan controllers

        When I built my PC I bought a 5.25" fan controller with LCD readout and temperature probes.

        The temperature probes are really clumsy, and don't get very good readings, especially on the video card(s) and CPU, which is what you're concerned about anyway. After about a month I took it out because I wasn't using it.

        IMO, if you haven't already bought your components, the better solution is to get a motherboard that has automatic fan controller settings. I would hate to overheat my CPU or graphics card because I forgot to turn the knob on my fan controller.