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Motherboard Monitor & A7V333

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  • Motherboard Monitor & A7V333

    I recently switched from using Asus Probe to Motherboard Monitor, but I can't figure out what the real temp for my cpu is.

    I've got the Asus A7V333, and on the Motherboard Monitor website under "board info" the a7v333 has two separate temps: "socket" and "cpu diode"

    According to that, idling, my cpu diode is at 34 and my socket is at 59. What's my cpu temp?

    Any help? :confused:

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    Unless Asus probe is the name of a program then mbm uses the asus probe which has problems in it self. Now as for your temperatures I would follow the cpu socket. Unless what kind of processor do you have cuase last I heard processors don't have the ability to know there temperatures in the cores. You have to have a special monitor that has a probe stuck up against the heatsink. So as what you have. The temp from the socket is the surrounding air below the processor. And the diode will be the heat comming off of the core. Do you have a temperature probe on your care?


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      hey thanks for helping me out. i've got a non-overclocked athlon xp 1800

      asus probe is the name of the software that comes with asus motherboards, and like you, everyone says is a piece of garbage when it comes to accuracy in reporting temps, which is why I switched to motherboard monitor.

      when I was using to asus probe to monitor my temps, my cpu was always around 45-47 C. As soon as I start using motherboard monitor, it gives me 3 different temps! I could figure which one was the case temp, but I had to look on their website to find the other two temps, and one was the "cpu diode" and the other was "socket."

      Funny thing is, the socket reads higher than asus probe, and the cpu diode temp is lower--which one is my regular cpu temp?

      I don't have a temperature probe on my core or anything like that. My mobo manual says "cpu temperature is monitored by the ASUS ASIC through the CPU's internal thermal diode to prevent overheating and damage."

      Curious, the average of the two temps is 46.5, which is what asus probe would report my cpu temp as. any thoughts?


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        ok that is pretty much what I thought. I don't have an athlonxp so I didn't know it was able to know its own temp from within the core. Anyhow. The cpu diode temp is the actual temp of the processor! Meaning how hot the processor actually is. The cpu socket temp is the temp that the little probe is under the processor. That's the little thing that sticks up from the board in the middle of the socket. This is usually very inaccurate readings because it usually doesn't touch the processor. I have heard of things like some people would put a dap of AS3 or something on the tip of the probe so that it actually makes contact with the prcoessor. Cause usually it just reads in the ambient temp of that area. Which could be at times up to 10 degrees difference! I would look more into the cpu diode temp. Cause that'st he one that actually counts. I'm not sure which board it was its either ASUS or EPOX where the probe is actually bent a bit to the side and doesn't make contact at all with the processor. Does this help anything?


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          Go with the cpu diode temp as the socket is meant for CPU's without the diode. Asus probe has always been a program that gives inflated temps and very unreliable in most cases. :smokin:


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            great thanks guys! That's a big relief for me--I was afraid my cpu was at 59 C all the time!

            gotta love this forum!