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How to Stop Condensation

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  • How to Stop Condensation

    Is there any good documents or threads that people know of on how to stop condensation in a water cooled/chiller type system.

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    Don't know a particular thread but two things are important and another one to consider:

    1. Lower the amount of water vapor (humidity) in the ambient air. (This is a special problem in normally air conditioned spaces in which the AC is left off during the day or worse over a weekend.)

    2. Use case fans to constantly replenish the air inside the case with fresh ambient air.

    3. Consider the use of insulation (This can be extremely difficult to accomplish effectively).


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      Have a look around as they should have something about that. ;)


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        Lets start by saying it is a tough problem.
        There are several effective ways of getting over the problem. Depending on the cooling liquids temperature you can use a combination of them.
        1. If the coolants temperature can be at room temperature then increase its temperature and you will not have the problem.
        From your question I conclude that this cannot be done. You should remember that most cooling liquids and water is amongst them have very high heat capacitance so if you have enough water and heat transfer is good enough (water to room, CPU heat sink to water), you can accomplish good cooling without any condensation.
        You may need to mod your cooling system a bit.
        2. After taking care of good ventilation in your case, install strong fans that blow on the components that suffer condensation.
        3. You can add insulation to some of the parts that will avoid condensation. The type of insulation I am talking of is the one used in A/C systems.
        4. Permanently leave you A/C on, it reduces humidity but still its effectiveness depends on the temperature of the coolant. If the problem arises when the ac is off you can always add a sensor and write a program that switches your computer off if humidity rises to a level that it condensates. Here you will have to experiment.
        5. Move inland to less humid places ;).

        If you need more advice you may contact my email.

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