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interesting review.

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  • interesting review.

    This fellow dan has gone to a great trouble to do reviews on cpu coolers, I thought it would only be fair if he was heard out. Many, if not all fo you may have seen this already but for those of you who havn't check out this page.

    he compares sooo many cpu coolers and is a big help for purchasing a new cpu fan if you do not really know waht you are looking for.
    Happy reading. :D

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    Dan is certainly one crazy fellow alright and loves all his pieces that he's accumulated over the years but then he does love hardware and just not PC stuff either. :D
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      He is remarkable, all that work just on cpu coolers. Not only that but he has done so many other things. I wish he would make a new section on the site for Archives. That way i wouldn't have to go to AusPc's site to find a link to the cpu cooler comparisons.
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        Try his Big List ;)


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          Dan is the man!!!
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