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Lack of Cooling Problem?

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  • Lack of Cooling Problem?

    I was wondering if my system temps are too warm or if it is problem with the Asus Probe measuring the temperature inaccurately. Under load the temp is 55C, under idle it is ~50C. I am using a Volcano 7 with Arctic Silver 3 thermal compound for cooling. Also, my video card seems to run hot all the time. It is an Asus V8200 TI200, and it runs ~50C. I am not sure if this is too hot for a GeForce 3 or not. Neither the processor or the video card are overclocked.

    My current system specs are as follows:
    AMD Athlon XP 1800
    Asus A7V266/e
    512MB Micron PC2100 DDRRAM
    Asus V8200 TI200
    SB Live X-Gamer
    Creative 12X DVD Encore
    Plextor 40X Burner
    LianLi PC65 Aluminum Case

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to this.

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    How much cooler does your case run when open? :?:


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      There is not a large change in the temperature when the case is open (about 5C) due mostly to the fact that all the fans in the case are thermally regulated. So when i open the case, the cool air effects the sensors on the Volcano 7, the Thermaltake case fans, and in the Enermax PS so they spin at a slower rate.


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        I wouldn't trust the Asus Probe as far as I could throw it. Even so, your idle temp should be somewhere low to high 40's I guess. Many people report temps like yours when running Athlon's, and running at the temps you have will not cause any major harm. Probably if you get up towards 60deg you will run into problems, just keep an eye on it.

        My MSI GF3 Ti200 runs at 48deg so I don't see a problem there


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          I had about the same temps with my setup. Then I installed
          the DigiDoc and the temps dropped drasticly. Also I can recommend the crystal orb for your GF. It is definetly a good cooler. But it does make a lot of noise (to my opinion).
          That's why I am building a new wooden case to completely surround my case in sound-dampening material :D


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            give us some pics when your done :thumb:


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              I will. Let's hope it turns out as good as in my imagination